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 “I tantalize people's tastebuds“ Also known as SpicyGrammyCooks, I am a Seasoned Personal Chef, Foodie, and Health Coach. 

 I encourage people to adopt a "lifestyle" of healthy eating into their daily routine so that together we can

*Help you manage dietary restrictions

*Find alternatives to unhealthy foods

*Bring tradition back to your dinner table

My goal is to inspire you to be creative and confident in the kitchen!

Hire a Personal Chef or Become a Seasoned Cook!

Do you dream about having your own Personal Chef available to you on your terms in the privacy of your home preparing meals for your family and friends? Or perhaps you want to learn new skills and build cooking confidence. Cooking Classes with SpicyGrammyCooks are exciting and always lots of fun.  I'm cooking right  alongside you giving you step-by-step instructions and answering questions as we go.  Now isn't that more enjoyable than watching a food show or navigating a cookbook?

Eating for Health and Energy

Eating for health and energy means eating a variety of foods that can supply you with the nutrients you need to maintain good health.  It doesn't mean depriving yourself of the foods you love or being obsessed with being unrealistically thin. It's simply learning how to develop a well-balanced and satisfying relationship with food. As a Health Coach, I will motivate you to eat a healthier diet while saving you time and money. Ask about our FREE 15 minute Consultation!