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 “I tantalize people's tastebuds“ Also known as SpicyGrammyCooks, I am a Seasoned Personal Chef, Caterer, and Health Coach. 

 I encourage people to adopt a "lifestyle" of healthy eating into their daily routine so that together we can

*Help you manage dietary restrictions

*Find alternatives to unhealthy foods

*Bring tradition back to your dinner table

My goal is to inspire you to be creative and confident in the kitchen!



Do you dream about having your own Personal Chef and Caterer available to you on your terms in the privacy of your kitchen? Perhaps there is a special event you would like catered in a more private setting.  We come to you and do it all from setup to cleanup. The only thing that remains is the wonderful aroma of deliciously prepared food.

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Eating for Health and Energy

The tide is turning back toward deep, connected, skillful and healthy cooking; the cooking that we remember our grandmothers for.  They gained traditional wisdom and skills that were could be passed down to the next generation; the timeless wisdom of previous generations.  SpicyGrammyCooks is a Personal Chef Caterer whose approach to food preparation is healthy, thrifty, intuitive, inherently seasonal, and delicious; the kind of food that nourishes and delights the palette.  As you know, grandmothers are some of the most experienced cooks in the world.  We cook by touch, by smell, and by taste; pulling from an intuitive knowledge developed and refined over generations of inherited trial and error.  We’ve learned to listen to the sizzle of garlic or the gurgle of curry to gauge when to proceed to the next step.   We’ve experimented and discovered how a dash of salt or sugar can take a dish from blah to blessed.  Thriftiness was always at the forefront using every part of an ingredient and repurposing leftovers to avoid waste.  All these things are the hallmarks of our grandmother’s cooking.  The special ingredient that was used in all her dishes was the time and love she put in to everything she made.  For all these things and more we celebrate our grandmothers. 

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